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Instructions for paying your membership

Thank you for joining or renewing your NFPW membership. After selecting a membership type from the list above, click the "Add to Cart" button to continue your order. Here are some tips to help you select the correct membership type.

  • If you belong to a state affiliate and have not already paid your state dues, please select your state from the "Choose Membership Type" list above. The price includes your state dues and the national dues.
  • If you are paying as an at-large member, please choose the "At-large option" from the list above.
  • If you belong to a state affiliate and you have already paid your state dues, please choose "Already Paid State Dues" from the list above and you will only be charged for the national dues.
  • If you are a past president of a state affiliate and want to join POPPS, choose an option that includes "+ POPPS", which adds the $10 POPPS dues.

IMPORTANT: If you arrived at this page without first filling out your demographic information on the NFPW website, please click this link—— and supply that information following your purchase. We use the information in our member directory. Thank you.